Challenge For Joshua (Yusha) Evans

assalaamu alaikum Brother Yusha,

We’ve all three watched your conversion story on YouTube. Subhan Allah! Your life story is indeed fascinating and moving, masha Allah.

And come to find out you’re good friends with Bart Ehrman! I recommend his books just about every time I open my mouth. I say to myself every time I read something of his that if I weren’t already a Muslim, I would be one now! That’s because I was taught, and so believed, that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, too. Once I found out otherwise, the Christian story began to crumble. We have a fantastic public radio station here in Minnesota—Minnesota Public Radio. I’ve heard Bart Ehrman on MPR at least two times.

So to get to the point of this letter, we three Muslims at Islamic Media want to issue you a challenge. You’re a Muslim, alhumdulillah. Some time ago, you made it to the edge of Truman’s bubble world and opened the door to the outside world. That blessing from Allah swt was made all the more incredible because you had, once upon a time, written off Islam because you had read some misinformation about it.

We challenge you brother to make sure for yourself that you haven’t written off Shia beliefs as heretical because you have read or heard some misinformation about our beliefs.

We challenge you to approach the subject just as you did when approaching the Bible all those years ago…with a mind devoid of nearly all preconceived notions.

And need we have to urge you to seek knowledge from Shia Muslims themselves about what Shia Muslims believe. We don’t want another “praying to a box in the desert” episode. :) Our doors in Minnesota are always open to discussion—especially about this topic as none of us were raised Shia either.

May Allah swt continue to bless you in your outreach efforts.

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