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Assalaamu alaikum
Peace be with you

We are a group of three passionate Muslims–hopelessly passionate about getting the word out to the public about what Islam really teaches. It would be better for a person to know nothing about Islam than to hear and believe the many erroneous depictions of Islam that circulate, intentionally or unintentionally.

To make matters worse, there exists more than one sect of Islam, so any accurate information one hears about what one sect believes may not hold true for what another sect believes. The only requirements of belief a person needs to have to be called a Muslim are 1) that there is one and only God, and 2) that Muhammad was his last Prophet (implying belief in all the previous Prophets of the Old and New Biblical Testaments (e.g., Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, John the Baptist, Jesus) and implying belief that the Quran is the last scripture sent from God to humankind.)

Not all Muslims care about what they believe. A Muslim may believe those two statements, but that doesn’t mean they care about the implications of those beliefs in their lives. In addition to educated, God-fearing, practicing Muslims, there are criminal Muslims, purposefully sinful Muslims, misled Muslims, uneducated Muslims, purposefully misleading Muslims, greedy Muslims, and Islam-hating Muslims. Some have started sects of their own, and, unfortunately, have been successful in getting their inventions in Islam to be the go-to definitions of true Islam.

The three of us are dedicated to getting the truth out there for whomever may be seeking it. We are three like-minded Muslims who call green, clean, lake-studded Minnesota our home:

Khaled: He is the hardest working one of the three of us. Islamic Media is his brainchild. He is a Yemeni-American who has had a life-altering change in beliefs within Islam itself. He hasn’t said this out loud, but I think his motto is “There will be time to sleep in the next life.”

Safa: She is our youngest indispensable member…a Jordanian-American mother of two working towards her B.S. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. But don’t tell her she has no time for Islamic Media. The work we do is one of her top priorities so she too sacrifices sleep…for her family, for her education, and for Islamic Media.

Perhaps before Safa was even old enough to claim her family’s and her country’s religion as her own, she knew that she did not believe what she was being taught was the whole truth. God was guiding her down a different path, and so she submitted to His guidance at fifteen years of age. She is a role model for other youths who open their minds to God’s will at an early age despite the attractions of the world around them.

Dara: I’m the one writing this, so don’t expect me to write in the third person about myself. :) I am a European-American of Norwegian, English, and German descent. I’m what most people would call a “native Minnesotan,” but I don’t like to think of myself that way. There were people here loving and living in the land now called Minnesota before Europeans settled here, so they are the true native Minnesotans, and only the Lord knows who was here before them.

I have had two life-altering changes in belief–one from being Lutheran to being a born again Christian and one from being born again to being a Muslim. Curious about that last conversion? To sum up, I had been taught as a Christian that the Bible is the complete, unaltered, inspired word of God. All of Christianity’s arguments rest on the alleged infallibility of the New Testament. Then I began to read about the history of the New Testament and the house of cards came tumbling down. I challenge any Christian reading this to read about the history of the New Testament. One should be sure of the reliability of the book on which they base their worldview.

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