Shariah Law: Myths & Facts

Hear the lecture on YouTube: Shariah Law: Myths & Facts

The respected and popular professor, businessman, and theologian Odeh Muhawesh will be speaking about Islamic shariah law on Saturday, April 21, 2012 in Minnetonka, MN. This event is free and open to the public.

We offer you an opportunity to hear the truth about shariah law from a Muslim clergyman who has studied shariah law in seminary. He will make clear all the bits and pieces of information you have heard about shariah law and, in particular, shariah law and its relationship to America and American laws. His lecture will be followed by a Q & A session and a free lunch from Holy Land with a social hour.

Be sure to invite people from your circle of influence to this event.  view invitation

Lecture: Shariah Law: Myths & Facts
Q & A
Free lunch and social hour

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 12:00 – 3:15pm

Ridgedale Regional Center
Robert H. Rohlf Room
12601 Ridgedale Dr.
Minnetonka, MN 55305

If you want to attend, please let us know on or before April 19th so that we can order enough food. RSVP by phone at 612-216-2478 or e-mail Let us know in your RSVP if you would like a vegetarian lunch or a halal/zabihah meat lunch (catered from Holy Land in Minneapolis).

We regret we cannot accommodate young children. This event is free to people who are not Muslim. If you are a Muslim and want to attend, kindly ask us first.

If you want to attend this event, but just cannot or if you live too far away, subscribe to this blog to be informed when we release a video of it.

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Sharing Your Faith Part 5 of 6: How To Transition to Islam

How To Transition to Islam

When you’re in a casual conversation with a stranger or acquaintance, how can you get something about Islam into the conversation?

Brother Chris does not like the idea of Muslims copying evangelical Christians in the way they hand out tracks (informational booklets) and get to be your friend only to tell you about Jesus Christ. He says that people are keen to these tactics, having been heavily used by Christians, and we Muslims will seem duplicitous the second we use a Christian tactic.

Rather than tracks, he proposes using good old-fashioned scrap paper to write down contact information or something about Islam a person indicated they may want to look up later or remember.

Rather than friendship evangelism, he advocates establishing relationships with people for some other reason, some other real reason, rather than only to eventually tell the person about Islam.

The prerequisite to telling others something about Islam is that the faith has to be alive in you. Practice what you want to preach so that when you preach it, it’s real and not preachy.

To answer the question, say something heartfelt about you and Islam and/or being a Muslim that stems from the faith being alive in you when it naturally fits into the conversation. Listen first, and then tie your experience to their experience with a genuine statement about your faith.

Part 6 of 6 in this series will be to reveal Chris’ idea for a hook about Islam. See our previous blog post for a longer explanation (Sharing Your Faith Part 3 of 6: How Do We Talk About Islam In A Compelling Way?) We have not yet heard from enough people to warrant revealing Chris’ hook.

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Why I Wear The Hijab

As a Muslim woman, I believe that God wants women to enter the social realm as equal to men in their humanity. The interaction between people of the opposite sex shouldn’t be influenced by sexuality. The hijab (in both the physical and moral forms) eliminates the sexual element from interactions between unrelated men and women, thus focusing on the point at hand and setting appearances aside. My hijab helps remind me what should truly matter in my interactions with others—working together as humans first and foremost, and my being a woman shouldn’t affect that.

This simple piece of cloth has the amazing effect of making me aware of my actions and thoughts so that I can strive to be the chaste, modest, and pure woman I deserve to be. By prescribing the hijab, Islam in no way teaches the woman to be ashamed of her femininity; in fact, I see my hijab as a way for me to value what God has given me. I choose who I share my femininity with; I also choose how I portray myself in public. And when I am in public I want to be treated and respected based on my personality and intellect.

Why isn’t that enough these days? Why all the attention and emphasis on looks? Can we deny that a woman’s body has misused as a sexual object, an accessory and a tool to sell products? Isn’t it sad how many women and young girls these days are suffering from eating disorders just to fit into the standard of what is considered beautiful? By wearing the hijab I chose to liberate myself from having to fit into an ever-changing standard of beauty. I chose to follow God’s standard of beauty which is about becoming a better human being. So next time you see me wearing my hijab, please don’t feel sorry for me. Just know that I consciously put it on to obey God, not a man…

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My Hijab is Between God and Me, Please Stay Out of It!!

“You’re in America now; you can take that scarf off!” a well-meaning woman once told me. “Your family isn’t around, so they won’t know if you took off your scarf” a classmate told me on another occasion. While neither of them spoke out of ill intent, I couldn’t help but to feel offended by their words. Not by their lack of knowledge about my religious obligation to wear the hijab, but by their suggestion that I was weak, oppressed, and could not think for myself. What is it about my headscarf that gives people the impression that I am a weak woman?

I want you to take a minute and think of a Muslim woman wearing the hijab in America today. Think of the stares and the comments she endures while going about her day like any other American. Would a weak person really put themselves through this if being ‘normal’ meant just taking off a piece of cloth that covers their hair? Yes, I can take my scarf off in America, and yes, if my family isn’t around they won’t know if I take it off. I appreciate the reminder. But really why do Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women still wear it? The simple answer is because they believe it is what God wants women to do. Muslim women do not wear the hijab because they are forced to wear it by their fathers, brothers, husbands, or sons, as is usually thought in the western world. They wear the hijab to submit to God’s will and obey His command—not the command of any man.

Was Mary, the mother of Jesus (peace be upon them) forced to wear a headscarf? Are head-covering Christian or Jewish women who cover forced to do so? Muslim women cover their hair because they CHOOSE to do so. The next time you see a woman covering her hair, ask her sincerely why she wears it. With all the rhetoric surrounding individual freedom and liberty, I am unable to comprehend why a Muslim woman’s choice to wear a hijab is not respected.

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“You Know Christianity Is Right Because No Christian Converts To Islam”

“You know Christianity is right because no Christian converts to Islam.” That’s one of the arguments I overheard a Christian friend telling my Muslim husband in support of, obviously, Christianity holding the key to the Truth.

Had it been another time and place, I would have presented myself as evidence that some Christians (even ones by his definition—baptized-as-an-adult-by-immersion, born-again, evangelizing, trusting-Christ-for-salvation Christians) do become Muslims. It wasn’t the right time because I was a fairly new Muslim at the time that conversation took place, and I wasn’t ready to face the wrath that was sure to follow telling my Christian friends that I had become a Muslim. (I have since experienced that wrath.) They had no way of knowing I was a Muslim because I was not yet guarding my modesty with a headscarf.

It wasn’t the right place either. We were all guests at the wedding of mutual Christian friends and were enjoying the reception. Well I wasn’t enjoying the reception—I was being berated by one of my friends for having married a Muslim. I had graduated and moved three years prior, and I hadn’t kept in touch with these college friends, so the big scandal was that I had married a Muslim.

Christians DO become Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of Christians in our lifetimes, from all denominations, male and female, of all ages, have become Muslims based on the merit of Islam alone. I, and they, believe Islam is the Truth.

Watch these YouTube videos to hear the stories of just two of the Christian converts to Islam:
Brother Philip Converts to Islam #1
Brother Chris Converts to Islam #2


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Odeh Muhawesh Radio Interview

Prof. Odeh Muhawesh was in Winona, MN in September 2010 for a day of educating about Islam.

Newspaper Article

Winona Daily News: Theologian says Islam, Christianity share basic beliefs

Radio Interview

Winona State University radio station KQAL 89.5 FM will air their interview with Prof. Muhawesh in two parts. Listen live online.

Culture Clique Part 1: Thursday October 21, 2010 12:30 pm

Culture Clique Part 2: Thursday October 28, 2010 12:30 pm

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The Arabic-English Quran That Odeh Muhawesh Recommends

The Qur’an
English translation with Arabic text
Ali Quli Qara’i

At our June 19th event, Odeh Muhawesh recommended this English translation of the Quran.

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Our Most Popular Lecture

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Islam But Were Afraid to Ask

We have our favorite speaker, Odeh Muhawesh, at the Brookdale Library (Brooklyn Center, MN, USA) on Saturday June 19th, 2010 to tell anyone who wants to know what they don’t already know about Islam. Even we Muslims will learn something new–we always do when Professor Muhawesh speaks. A quote from the latest lecture I heard of his still lingers in my mind, “God is on the side of the oppressed, even if the oppressors are Muslim.”

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