You Cannot Be “Just A Muslim”

Well-meaning Muslims think that by declaring themselves “just Muslim” instead of Shia or Sunni that they are avoiding harmful divisions in Islam. They probably think that if every Muslim would just give up sectarianism like them that we would all be united as Muslims. Muslims who think like this have not given serious thought to what really divides Shias and Sunnis.

A Muslim cannot be “just a Muslim.” Every Muslim HAS TO have an opinion about what happened at Ghadir Khum (the pond of Ghadir). The story is narrated in many Sunni traditions so a Sunni has absolutely no reason to doubt its authenticity.

Why do you, being a Sunni or just-a-Muslim, trust what companions of the Prophet (PBUH & HF) did after his death more than you trust what the Prophet himself said should happen after his death!? Prophet Muhammad was infallible in every single aspect of his life and his companions weren’t. If you’ve been taught otherwise, you’ve been deceived.

Perhaps you, being a Sunni or just-a-Muslim, didn’t know you were trusting a mere human’s word over Prophet Muhammad’s word. Now you know. Read about what Prophet Muhammad said in that speech at Ghadir Khum and ponder its implications in your beliefs. If you are a sincere Muslim, you cannot afford to push this issue under the rug.

Chapter 5 verse 3 of the Quran was revealed immediately after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF) spoke at Ghadir Khum that day. “This day I have perfected for you your religion and have completed My favor on you and have chosen for you Islam (as your) religion.” You have an obligation to learn what the Prophet said in that speech such that it perfected Islam.

Learn what happened at Ghadir Khum and see references to Sunni traditions

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