The Five Roots of True Religion (Part 2 of 2)

Islam Rightly Explained

Prepared by Philip Voerding and Chris Hawes

5) Root Four: Guidance

Just as Jesus the Messiah was given by Allah the 12 Apostles to rightly guide those who believed the Gospel after he ascended into Heaven, so to was the Prophet Muhammad given by Allah 12 Vice Regents (also called Imams) to guide the Muslim community after he passed from the scene. Just like the prophets, including Muhammad, these Vice Regents were infallible.

O, you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those among you invested with Divine Authority; and if ye differ, bring it before Allah and the Messenger if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is the best and the fairest way of settlement.

- Quran 4:49.

(And remember) the Day (of Judgment) when We shall call human beings with their Imams. – Quran 17:71

These Twelve Vice Regents or Imams are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. The first was Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib and the twelfth is Imam Al-Mhadi, who will return with Prophet Jesus the Messiah and destroy the Anit-Chirst and his works.

6) Root Five: Resurrection and Judgment

The Quran teaches that there is a Last Day, a Resurrection of all humans, and a Divine Judgment, followed by the Life Hereafter, either in Paradise or in Hell.  After death, each person will get the reward or punishment for the deeds he or she performed while alive.

Beware when the Event would occur

No soul would then falsify its occurrence,

(Many) will it bring low,

(Many) will it bring high;

When the earth will be shaken to its depths,

And the mountains would crumble

Becoming dust all scattered about.- Quran 56:1-6.

7) The Trunk of the Tree

The Five roots of True Religion are the basic principles which give the foundation to the “tree” of Islam. Thus the Roots provide the basis of Religion, which is submission to Allah. So, if the roots provide the foundation for the trunk of the “tree”, what will be the “branches” of the “tree”?

8) The Ten Branches of the Tree

When someone believes the Five Roots of Religion, and becomes a Muslim, he or she is obliged to perform certain deeds according to Allah’s will as given through the Prophet as taught by the 12 Imams.  These are the Ten Branches of the Tree:

  • Pray the five required prayers each day.
  • The required fast during the month of Ramadan.
  • To make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in one’s life if possible.
  • To pay the wealth tax on certain specified items to the poor.
  • To pay a fifth of the increased of one’s assets, after deductions, each year.
  • To engage in struggle for the faith (called the great Jihad as one strives to be a good Muslim and the little Jihad in if one must defend the faith).
  • To encourage others to do good.
  • To discourage others from doing evil.
  • To love Allah, and the 14 Infallibles. (The 14 Infallibles are the Prophet, The Twelve Imams and Sayda Fatimah who is the daughter of the Prophet and the wife of the 1st Imam, Ali the Commander of the Faithful).
  • To stay away from the enemies of Allah and the 14 Infallibles.

9) How to Become a Muslim

Consider and investigate whether Islam is the true code of life for humanity. If you believe that it is, then to become a Muslim you must turn to God and repent of all your sins. God is compassionate and merciful and will forgive you your sins. Then declare your new faith by saying:

  • I believe that there is no god except Allah!
  • I believe that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah

Finally, ask your brothers and sisters in Islam, “What should I do next?” and they will be more than happy to help you.

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