Sharing Your Faith Part 5 of 6: How To Transition to Islam

How To Transition to Islam

When you’re in a casual conversation with a stranger or acquaintance, how can you get something about Islam into the conversation?

Brother Chris does not like the idea of Muslims copying evangelical Christians in the way they hand out tracks (informational booklets) and get to be your friend only to tell you about Jesus Christ. He says that people are keen to these tactics, having been heavily used by Christians, and we Muslims will seem duplicitous the second we use a Christian tactic.

Rather than tracks, he proposes using good old-fashioned scrap paper to write down contact information or something about Islam a person indicated they may want to look up later or remember.

Rather than friendship evangelism, he advocates establishing relationships with people for some other reason, some other real reason, rather than only to eventually tell the person about Islam.

The prerequisite to telling others something about Islam is that the faith has to be alive in you. Practice what you want to preach so that when you preach it, it’s real and not preachy.

To answer the question, say something heartfelt about you and Islam and/or being a Muslim that stems from the faith being alive in you when it naturally fits into the conversation. Listen first, and then tie your experience to their experience with a genuine statement about your faith.

Part 6 of 6 in this series will be to reveal Chris’ idea for a hook about Islam. See our previous blog post for a longer explanation (Sharing Your Faith Part 3 of 6: How Do We Talk About Islam In A Compelling Way?) We have not yet heard from enough people to warrant revealing Chris’ hook.

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