Sharing Your Faith Part 3 of 6: How Do We Talk About Islam In a Compelling Way?

How Do We Talk About Islam in a Compelling Way?

Evangelical Trinitarian Christians have a really good hook to use when talking to others about Christianity. Basically it’s “You have sinned. You are going to hell. Unless…” and then they provide the answer for how to end up in heaven instead of hell. This hook works for them when addressing any human in the world because those Christians believe in the doctrine of original sin—everyone is born into sin and will go to hell unless a blood sacrifice is made so that God can forgive the sins. So in their worldview, every human on earth needs to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior in order to get to heaven. That’s why those kind of Christians are so busy peddling their message in every far corner of the world.

Being Muslims, we know that the doctrine of original sin is false, and we know that there need not be a blood sacrifice made for our sins in order for God to forgive our sins. God may just forgive our sins outright due to his mercy. We Muslims also know that being a Muslim doesn’t guarantee one will end up in heaven and that not being a Muslim doesn’t mean one will end up in hell.

All that being so, how do we present Islam to individuals in a compelling way? In a brief and compelling way?

Brother Chris told us his idea for a brief and compelling hook in class. He had been honing it for four years! We’ll tell you what it is on this blog after we’ve heard from ten of you. Leave a comment and tell us how you present Islam in a brief and compelling way.

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