“You Know Christianity Is Right Because No Christian Converts To Islam”

“You know Christianity is right because no Christian converts to Islam.” That’s one of the arguments I overheard a Christian friend telling my Muslim husband in support of, obviously, Christianity holding the key to the Truth.

Had it been another time and place, I would have presented myself as evidence that some Christians (even ones by his definition—baptized-as-an-adult-by-immersion, born-again, evangelizing, trusting-Christ-for-salvation Christians) do become Muslims. It wasn’t the right time because I was a fairly new Muslim at the time that conversation took place, and I wasn’t ready to face the wrath that was sure to follow telling my Christian friends that I had become a Muslim. (I have since experienced that wrath.) They had no way of knowing I was a Muslim because I was not yet guarding my modesty with a headscarf.

It wasn’t the right place either. We were all guests at the wedding of mutual Christian friends and were enjoying the reception. Well I wasn’t enjoying the reception—I was being berated by one of my friends for having married a Muslim. I had graduated and moved three years prior, and I hadn’t kept in touch with these college friends, so the big scandal was that I had married a Muslim.

Christians DO become Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of Christians in our lifetimes, from all denominations, male and female, of all ages, have become Muslims based on the merit of Islam alone. I, and they, believe Islam is the Truth.

Watch these YouTube videos to hear the stories of just two of the Christian converts to Islam:
Brother Philip Converts to Islam #1
Brother Chris Converts to Islam #2


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