Why I Wear The Hijab

As a Muslim woman, I believe that God wants women to enter the social realm as equal to men in their humanity. The interaction between people of the opposite sex shouldn’t be influenced by sexuality. The hijab (in both the physical and moral forms) eliminates the sexual element from interactions between unrelated men and women, thus focusing on the point at hand and setting appearances aside. My hijab helps remind me what should truly matter in my interactions with others—working together as humans first and foremost, and my being a woman shouldn’t affect that.

This simple piece of cloth has the amazing effect of making me aware of my actions and thoughts so that I can strive to be the chaste, modest, and pure woman I deserve to be. By prescribing the hijab, Islam in no way teaches the woman to be ashamed of her femininity; in fact, I see my hijab as a way for me to value what God has given me. I choose who I share my femininity with; I also choose how I portray myself in public. And when I am in public I want to be treated and respected based on my personality and intellect.

Why isn’t that enough these days? Why all the attention and emphasis on looks? Can we deny that a woman’s body has misused as a sexual object, an accessory and a tool to sell products? Isn’t it sad how many women and young girls these days are suffering from eating disorders just to fit into the standard of what is considered beautiful? By wearing the hijab I chose to liberate myself from having to fit into an ever-changing standard of beauty. I chose to follow God’s standard of beauty which is about becoming a better human being. So next time you see me wearing my hijab, please don’t feel sorry for me. Just know that I consciously put it on to obey God, not a man…

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